Movie Review: ‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’ Is A Truly Insightful Love Story

I thought that I knew just about everything about William Marston and the inception of the ‘Wonder Woman’ character, but it turns out that seeing something can truly illuminate facts that you thought were previously understood. In the last year alone, I have seen at least 3 documentaries on the history of the character. One of those docs was nearly an hour long and covered a lot of the history of Marston. It mentioned his love triangle, the bondage controversy, his feminist nature, and the history of the lie detector he invented. Yet, after watching this film, I understand that those were just simply a litany of facts. Getting to the actual truth means digging into the heart and mind of Marston. That’s exactly what this movie does at it’s core.

However, the amazing thing is that it does it within the confines of a really beautiful love story. And a love story that I can actually save I’ve never seen before. The catalyst for this love triangle is a study of human behavior that Marston called DISC theory. This stood for Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Control. You see, Marston (played wonderfully here by Luke Evans) believed that human beings relationships with one another could only work with a proper combination of these elements. I’d love to write an essay on this theory, but you are here to find out about the movie. So, let’s just say that the theory is eye opening and might make you look at stuff bondage in a totally different light.

This study leads to a mutual fascination with one of his pupils name Olive (Bella Heathcote). I write mutual because the Professor’s wife (Rebecca Hall) also falls for Olive. After spending most of their time together, Olive also falls for the both of them. Which begins the first romance I can remember in a movie where 3 people loved each other mutually and it was not some forbidden love triangle that someone was going to be the loser of. We also learn some wonderful and fascinating information about the inception of Wonder Woman along the way.

In the end though, this movie is about as beautiful and tragic as a love story gets. It’s a movie filled with swooning romance and sexy threesomes, but it’s also deeply heart felt in its portrayal of these real life characters. The performances are charming. The score is moving. And the resolution is a bit of a tear jerker. All in all, this movie is a sweet and educational love story for those who are open to an unconventional kind of love. It’s also a statement of how Marston helped propel the feminist movement and why Wonder Woman is still such a female champion all these years later. Let the year of the Wonder Woman continue!

Nathan Ligon

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