Movie Review: ‘The Possession Experiment’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Brandon Jensen (Chris Minor) is a theology student who decides to base his final project on a cold case that may or may not have involved an exorcism. His classmate, Clay Harper (Jake Brinn), decides to join the project. Clay thought the project would just be about researching information on the case, but Brandon wanted to take it further. He decided he wanted to see if he could get possessed by the same demon or entity that possessed the woman in the cold case.

The cold case was about a woman, named Tracy Crowell (Kt Fanelli), who was possessed and a couple of priests and others tried to save her and document the case. Only two people survived from the incident, but they couldn’t be tracked down.

Brandon and Clay ask another classmate, Leda Morgan (Nicky Jasper), to watch Brandon for any changes occurring in him, medically. At first, Brandon seems fine and it appears that the experiment failed. Then, the changes begin to occur almost immediately. The police, Clay, Leda and Brandon’s parents try to save Brandon before it’s too late.

There are some twists in this movie, but they are ones that wouldn’t be shocking. They are easy to pick up on. This is a movie on a lower budget, but it’s shot pretty well. The acting is hit-and-miss at times. This movie seems like it’s been made a million times before, but if you want to see it, it’s not the worst thing you could see.

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