Movie Review: ‘Patrick’ Is For Dog Lovers

A fun entertainer for dog lovers, movie Patrick has lots to offer. With a pampered, smart and cute pet dog who finds his way out in every situation and a clueless young woman Sarah who is forced to take care of him, the plot turns interesting from start to end. After death of her beloved grandmother, when Sarah is forced to take care of the pet, she is totally clueless to take up the responsibility.

While dealing with her yet another break up, hoping to start yet another new job and trying to handle her life in the city, the last thing Sarah wants is another member to take care. Hence, no wonder the introduction of this canine responsibility turns her life upset down. The movie flows in a funny manner showing us her mishaps right from day 1. From struggling to hide the pet dog from her landlord to buying pet food and walking him in the park, Sarah wanders from one situation to another, while trying her best to deal with the new member. Patrick’s cute looks and Sarah’s embarrassing incidences add lots of fun and colors to the story. There is humor, innocence, love, affection, and lots of awe moments as the cute pet carries the story forward. The awkwardness between Sarah and Patrick lead to several hilarious episodes, as the poor girl tries her best to figure things out.

Though Sarah detests this additional responsibility, her life turns around in several ways. Slowly and steadily while she bonds with Patrick and realizes a happy change in her usual course, there are several hidden surprises along the way. Simple story, funny situations, hilarious dialogues and excellent casting add charm to this movie that certainly has the power to make you laugh. A perfect feel-good entertainer to take your mind off from serious life and boring routine, ‘Patrick’ has all the necessary ingredients for a fun break. When Sarah has to deal with naughty high school students as a teacher, her life only keeps getting difficult at every step of the way. From making new friends to looking at life in a different light, Sarah learns a lot due to Patrick.

How their association and friendship unfolds is a fun thing to watch. There is love, hatred, surprise, irritation, guilt and humor all wrapped into one. ‘Patrick’ will definitely entertain its viewers with lots of appreciation towards the terrific canine performer who portrays every expression flawlessly.

PATRICK which Screen Media will release opening in Select Theaters and VOD on February 15th and for One-Night Event (100 cities) on February 19th.

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