Movie Review: ‘Pass The Light’ Is An Inspirational Movie

An inspirational movie with a powerful impact, ‘Pass The Light’ is a new generation story about faith, belief, trust and kindness. Touching a sensitive topic of politics with essence of goodwill and hard work, the movie leaves a wonderful message for its viewers. Revolving around the life of a young high school student Steve Bellafiore (Cameron Palatas), the story takes us through his belief in community and faith in religion. Directed by Malcolm Goodwill and written by Victor Hawks, ‘Pass the light’ movie will be available online from September 20th, 2016. With a story that touches each one’s life and a plot that addresses realities in the journey, this movie comes across as a motivational piece for all.

A hard working, young football player in school, Steve believes in charity and humanity as essential factors for life. While he engages in voluntary community service with his best friend Willy (Dalpre Grayer), their friendship depicts honesty and purity. Amidst personal challenges of fight between his parents and pressure to perform in school, as Steve believes in God’s faith, he strives to radiate kindness and happiness to those around. Introduction of an extreme candidate for Congress Franklin Bauman (Jon Gries) in Steve’s district adds twist to the tale as he chooses to influence his voters with theme of religion. While he promotes himself for the elections, he plays with the faith of people, warning them against negativity of abortion, homosexuality and sexual morals. By spreading negativity, hatred, discrimination and bad will among the district people on the basis of God’s words, Franklin hopes to win power and position for himself.

Disturbed by this stand of Franklin, as Steve hopes to make a difference; his decision to run for the elections create unbelievable changes in the plot. Along with his best friend Will, as Steve strives to send his message to people, he believes in spreading positivity all around. Though he is too young to contest in the elections, he works hard to pass the right message to the masses. With help from the most popular girl in school, while Steve and his ‘Pass the light’ movement turn into a big sensation, they hope to help each other and bring happiness to the society. Instead of talks and speeches, Steve and his force speak through their community service acts, spreading goodwill all around.

Powerful storyline and realistic acting are the two shining features of this movie, as each of the characters have done justice to their roles. Showing the power of young minds and practical thoughts, the story prompts the audience to believe in deeds rather than words. Truly inspirational in every way, this movie can pose as a good example for children and elders to follow. Amidst hatred, corruption, complexities and judgement, the movie advocates the power of helping each other. By staying united as Steve and his growing team work hard for the community, the movie comes across as influential in every way.

Humorous exchange of words between Steve and Willy add fun to the story, as their friendship shines along the entire movie. Though Steve and the passing light force encounter ignorance, defeat, failure and disrespect on the grounds of immaturity, their course of goodwill continues to cast its spell. By throwing light over sensitive issues with simple narration and believable plot, the movie succeeds in connecting with the audience. Though the idea is novel and huge, the storyline highlights the message in a simple manner.

Watch the movie for its inspirational message and touching topic. Experience the energy of young minds and their power to stand for good over evil. ‘Pass the light’ will surely enlighten you in an entertaining way.

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