Movie Review: ‘Paper Planes’ Is A Heartwarming Dramedy

Review by Monique Thompson

A young boy from Australia named Dylan (Ed Oxenbould) has a passion for flight and ends up competing in the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan. He faces distraction and hostility from a school bully, as well as his father (Sam Worthington), still grieving over the death of his mother in an automobile accident, and his chief rival, the spoiled win-at-all-cotor (Terry Norris), a kite-hawk he feeds on his way to school and later a Japanese paper plane champion Kimi (Ena Imai).

Ed Oxenbould (The Visit, Alexander And The Terrible….) is such a rising star and shines as he does in just about every role he plays. While the story line is pretty much the same thing that happens in all pre-teen films, Paper Planes keeps things relatable to the younger viewers in terms of dealing with school bullies and maintaining resilience even through adversity and distractions.

Each character that Oxenbould manages to play always allow him to showcase his raw comedic talents, while still being able to portray his character in an organic fashion. The chemistry between the father-son duo is one of sentimental value that is certain to pull at the heart strings of some viewers, making this heartwarming Australian comedic drama a great film choice for parents and their pre-teen/juvenile children.

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