Movie Review: ‘All This Panic’ Will Strike A Chord With The Audience

A unique documentary with a relate-able subject – ‘All This Panic’ is an interesting piece of art by its creators. Revolving around the lives of seven teenage girls in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, this documentary is a close and personal look into the complex world of womanhood. As these girls cross the stage from carefree childhood to awkward adolescent, the movie addresses their challenges and experiences. Shot over a period of three years, the tale follows their development as they transition into the realities of the world. Away from a colorful childhood, when they are forced to encounter harsh troubles of teenage, they realize the changing course of life.

With a smooth pace, the documentary touches an important aspect of every female’s life as she deals with the adulthood phase. Though the girls are between the age group of 16-18, they understand the roadblocks of being a woman of tomorrow. From high school crush to sexuality, alcohol to drugs, family troubles to social acceptance, as these girls deal with a ride array of experiences, it portrays the real life confusion of ‘teenage’. It throws light over the mid-level stage of teen years. As they juggle between carelessness and responsibilities, the documentary touches a usual topic in a realistic way.

It stresses over the fact that teenage girls are between two diverse worlds. One world guarded by parents and elders discourage them from undesirable activities. While the other exciting world of adulthood invites them for first time experiences of sex, alcohol, drugs, romance, lust. This pressure to balance between the two worlds is truly a significant trouble. Director Jenny Gage has presented such challenges in a realistic way by highlighting their experiences. As each of the seven girls share their stories along the way, it seems totally relatable. A documentary that can connect with the viewers instantly, it manages to capture undivided attention right till the end.

As young teens about to capture the world, it presents their energy and enthusiasm. It highlights their dreams for a bright future, as they discuss their plans for college and employment. Though they are clueless about the path ahead, the documentary is able to catch their spirit for success. While dealing with the complexities of womanhood, complicated relations, awkward feelings and frequent misunderstandings, it shows the difficulties to be matured and understood. It voices their concern of ignorance and negligence. Though they work hard to be responsible their views are often ignored.

By touching a usual subject and depicting all the realities in a true manner, ‘All this panic’ will definitely strike a chord with the audience. Watch it for its smooth flow, excellent narration, realistic approach and relatable truth. ‘All this panic’ will bring back memories of your teenage years in a positive way!

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