Movie Review: ‘Paddington’ Is Warm And Charming

Review by Monique Thompson


The warm and fuzzy Peruvian bear some may have fell in love with in the Michael Bond 1950’s book series comes to the main screen in the film affectionately titled after it’s namesake, Paddington. The film opens with three bears (two adult; one younger bear) living the high life in a rain forest in the darkest of Peru. Many years ago, an English explorer taught the adult bears the English language and introduced them to marmalade. Life is good as they know it until an earthquake hits the rain forest, prompting them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Left with nothing but a suitcase, some marmalade, and a necklace reading “Please look after this bear”, the little bear flees to London by hiding in a boat on a cargo ship. After finding his way to the a train station in London, the Brown family temporarily, or so they thought, takes him in until they can find him a permanent home, and giving him the name of Paddington. Settling in to his new life presents many mishaps for Paddington and the Brown’s but more evil is lurking, as taxidermist Millicent Clyde (Nicole Kidman) has her eyes set on doing whatever it takes to have Paddington stuffed and added to her collection.

Paddington, in a similar fashion to the mouse in Stuart Little, fits in perfectly with the humans as a computerized bear instead of an animated character. The way the characters mesh with the loveable bear makes for a super warm and charming movie experience. Satisfying funny for the young and even the young at heart, Paddington will entertain from start to finish without disappointment.

In theaters Friday January 16th.

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