Movie Review: ‘One Last Thing’

Movies are successful only when actors breathe life into their characters. ‘One last thing’ is one such kind of a movie with simple story, yet impactful acting. Actors Wendell Pierce and Jurnee Smollet-Bell have done an incredible job turning the story into an excellent entertainer. Revolving around a delicate father-daughter relationship, both these characters dominate the screen with a strong presence. While practicing dentistry in Florida, Dr. Dylan Derringer has a lonely life with solo golf as the only recreation. Without any family, the story starts with his schedule that is miles away from being happy or happening.

After an unexpected investigation when he knows about his long lost daughter Lucy, he only hopes to connect back with her. Though separated for almost 25 years, he is unsure about her reactions or response. From awkward rehearsals to introduce himself to stalking his daughter in her neighborhood of Brooklyn, his attempts and eagerness are truly worth watching. Slowly and steadily as he manages to communicate and convey the huge surprise, the story moves at a smooth pace. With a unique story, as it moves ahead we are introduced to their new formed relationship. Though it does turn quite slow at times with unbelievable elements in the path, the movie entertains with something new. For example, accepting him as her father instantly within few meetings and spending weekends together seem a little unbelievable.

An unaccepted disturbance along the way turns their relationship stronger. As father-daughter bond to solve their challenge, it conveys the power of love and family. Their long chats about life and deep discussions about passion, desires and plans connect with the viewers as they think about the journey ahead. ‘One last thing’ brings out the beauty of relationships that do not demand constant connection but happen flawlessly from within.

Excellent casting, strong acting, impactful story and good direction star as the highlights of this movie. It forces the viewers to think about life in broader terms because some things need to be done before it’s too late. Waiting for second chances and hoping for things to smooth out may simply take the opportunity away. Valuing relations and savoring every moment are some ways to extract the fun from life. As certain unexpected questions and tricky situations greet this new father-daughter duo, their relationship is put to test. Whether Dr. Derringer succeeds to connect with Lucy or simply manages to be an acquaintance in her life are some of the questions to be answered. Is it easy to accept a new person and the added challenges or is it impossible to change the tried and tested routine of several years are some aspects to ponder about as this dentist seeks answers from life.

Several twists and turns make the story engaging and gripping at every step. It connects flawlessly with viewers from start to end, bringing out some unexpected emotions and feelings. It may seem a little unbelievable at several instances, but that is how life can be and hence it is necessary to take it with a pinch of salt.

Watch the story for all its strong message and amazing acting. ‘One last thing’ is all about surprises, desires, hopes and relations. Not everything is planned or known in life and that only makes it more beautiful.

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