Movie Review: ‘Olympic Dreams’

There is fun in uniqueness and simplicity. That is exactly how you will feel after watching the ‘Olympic Dreams’. A simple story of an unexpected bond between two opposite personalities in a far-away land away from home is how the story runs along. An anxious and socially awkward cross-country skier ‘Penelope’ meets a friendly volunteer dentist ‘Ezra’ during Winter Olympics 2018. The funny, awkward, real, and honest tale is shot against the backup of the actual Olympics games in Athlete village in PyeongChang. We get to experience the ambiance of the real events through the lens of this movie.

We see the odd interactions between these two opposite characters, while they accidently meet during the event. Though Penelope is shy and finds it difficult to talk to strangers, Ezra manages to ease the tension. After losing her initial event, Penelope has to kill time which brings her closer to Ezra. The simplicity of the tale is the real highlight because the acting flows naturally. It does not hide the awkwardness of interaction between these two characters who like to meet each other, yet maintain their distance.

It gives way to some perfectly timed jokes. Penelope and Ezra explore the big, giant world of Olympic games. It is fun to get a close look at the arrangements on a global scale. We see the participants from different countries, the dinning hall, medical services, recreation activities, and all the other arrangements for the big game.

How the two characters form a bond through their surprise conversations is a fun-part of the movie. Though both of them hesitate to open up, they manage to inspire each other. Far away from home without any friends or family, they share a warm bond of friendship.

A simple tale of friendship, bonding, and inspiration- ‘Olympic Dreams’ delivers an unexpected message. It shows how friendship and affection can impact us in the least expected places, when we open our heart and mind to be in the moment.

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