Movie Review: ‘From Nowhere’ Is An Excellent Eye-Opener For The Audience

A sensitive movie with a realistic touch – ‘From Nowhere’ is an excellent eye-opener for the audience. While dealing with the concerning aspect of undocumented children in United States of America, it presents the reality in a truthful way. As several kids in this country suffer from the hassles of illegal stay, the story talks about their share of troubles. While they are undocumented in the US and their home nation has no traces of their existence, it leaves them in the middle of nowhere. Unsupportive family and financial constraints present them with several challenges, making it impossible to survive in the country.

Writer and Director Matthew Newton has framed this movie in a simple manner. As he addresses the most relevant concern of the country through this mode of entertainment, it shall definitely present the reality to the viewers. Revolving around the lives of three undocumented high school teenagers – the movie features Moussa (J. Mallory McCree), Sophie (Octavia Chavez-Richmond) and Alyssa (Raquel Castro). Students of the Bronx High School, each of these kids have great potential in their life. Though opportunities and possibilities are endless, they are continuously haunted by their illegal status. With the fear of being caught and deported, as these students face every single day, it offers the sad truth of life.

Moussa is portrayed as an intelligent and well-read kid from the Republic of Guinea but lacks a supportive family. Sophie is a Dominican girl who is exploited and neglected by her uncaring relatives. Alyssa is a promising student from Peru, but resides under an illegal status. As the story unfolds, it describes the hardships of every student, while they speak to a lawyer. A caring and understanding teacher (Julianne Nicholson) at the Bronx High School toils for the kids in order to help them with papers and legal status. When she arranges their meeting with lawyer (Denis O’Hare), the plot thickens with the real-life troubles.

An honest lawyer with loads of experience and extremely blunt speech, Denis works hard in every possible way. He explains them about the need to maintain good records, besides gathering every possible piece of information about their past. This digging into the history reveals several important aspects that could influence their future. Non-cooperation from Moussa’s mother, cold behavior from Sophie’s relatives and unforgettable tragedies from Alyssa’s past open several unhealed wounds. With this as the battle gains strength, the movie leaves behind a powerful impact.

Appropriately timed with the current political situation, ‘From Nowhere’ is truly worth watching. Opening in select theatres in NY and LA on February 17th, 2017 the story promises to deliver its message. Every single actor has justified his/her role, bringing the plot to life. Simple flow and powerful screen presence are the highlights of the movie that excels in every domain.

Watch this movie for its real-life significance and important message. ‘From nowhere’ is definitely a sincere move towards someplace nice.

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