Movie Review: ‘Not My Day’ Is Entertaining On Many Levels

Review by Mark Merrell

You are married, with a three year old, working day in, and day out at a repetitive job. You and your wife have grown distant, as life and careers move you slowly apart. Then, suddenly, one day, everything changes. This is Till Reiner’s (Axel Stein, Hausmeister Krause, Knallharte Jungs) existence. Working as a loan officer at a bank, he is the epitome tedium. Living in a safe, controlled environment, albeit a lonely one.

The movie opens in the midst of what soon appears to be a bank robbery. As the camera pans to the left, we see several people on the floor, with the police on a bullhorn. Till begins a narrative about his life, what matters, and what brought him to this point, as the camera move finishes with Till holding a gun, leaning against a pillar, lamenting the past 72 hours.

The film cuts back to just that incriminate. Till is an unassuming, clean cut businessman. He hosts a young couple into his office to finish signatures on paperwork. As they leave, he follows them to the lobby. Till is met by a co-worker. Today, another employee, is retiring. Till has his acoustic guitar with him, and they go over what song he will be playing. Waiting impatiently is his next applicant, Nappo (Moritz Bleibtreu, Run Lola Run, Munich, World War Z, The Experiment). He wants $20,000 to buy a ’68 Mustang Fastback V-8, but has no collateral. He is also not employed. Nappo explains that besides the car, he wants to take his girlfriend on a vacation. Till nervously spars with Nappo, until he sees that he won’t get the loan, and tells Till just what he thinks in no uncertain terms.

Latter, Till listens intently as a 60 year old co-worker explains how tedious the job has been. The only saving grace is that when you get older, time moves by faster, sliding you quickly to retirement. Till heads home, and his wife, Miriam (Anna Marie Muhe, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Love In Thoughts, Novemberkind) is busy heading out the door to her job as a fashion designer. Till plays with his three year old son, Nico (Emilian Markgraf) until the boy falls asleep. Till heads to bed. Eventually Miriam gets home. Till pretends to be asleep, and thus ends another boring evening for the both of them.

The next day, a robbery is taking place near the bank. Hearing sirens, the getaway driver takes off, leaving the lone culprit behind. Wearing a Mr T mask, he heads into the nearby bank demanding a car. Till pipes up and offers his, and the robber grabs Till as a hostage. They head to the parking lot, and hit the road with Till driving.

Coming upon an accident scene, they stop. The robber is forced to take of his obvious disguise. Unbelievably, it’s Nappo, the guy that requested the loan Till turned down the day before. The two couldn’t be more different. Nappo has long hair, tattoos, smokes, drinks, and is living a carefree lifestyle. As the two spend more time on the run, they soon realize their differences. Till begins to let loose a bit, while Nappo becomes less antagonistic.

The two work very well playing off the others personality traits. Till’s business sense comes in handy for Nappo, while Nappo chips away at Till’s exterior revealing more of Tills hidden self. Nappo meets up with his girlfriend, Nadine (Jasmin Gerat, SOKO Koln, Kustenwache), a seemingly tuff woman with a heart, and the trio head off into an awesome array of outrageous adventures, fun, and drama.

The movie is entertaining on several levels. Not My Day is humorous with thoughtful moments, while adding just the right pacing. Directed and co written by, Peter Thorwarth (The Wave, Bang Boom Bang, If It Doesn’t Fit, Use A Bigger Hammer), along with writers Stefan Holtz (Bang Boom Bang, Erntedank), Ralf Husmann (Stromberg, Vorsicht vor Leuten), they bring us likable, interesting characters. The music absolutely rocked this movie. Cinematographer Jan Fehse (Tattoo, Partly Sunny, Alaska.De) provided outstanding work. The movie is beautifully filmed throughout. The kick butt car chases and action sequences are superb, brilliantly designed, and carried out. The delivery is high class by everyone. Do not miss seeing, Not May Day. It definitely made mine.

Opening on VOD Nationwide on Tuesday, July 11 on all major platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft, Vudu, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Vimeo, and various other cable operators.

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