Movie Review: ‘Norm Of The North’

Review by Monique Thompson

With help from his furry sidekicks, a polar bear (Rob Schneider) travels to New York to stop a maniacal developer from building luxury condominiums in the Arctic.

A children’s animated movie about global warming…not quite what you’d expect right. Well, that’s basially what Norm of the North is about. Talking polar bear Norm has the “cowardly lion” complex as he just doesn’t have what it takes to be a scary polar bear to rule the Arctic Circle once inherited to him from his grandfather. To prove that he has what it takes, he hashes a plan to travel to comfront a real estate developer that is planning on building model homes in the Arctic.

Nothing new at all about this plot right? We’ve seen this many times; the underdog battles the villian and wins to save the day. This is pretty much becoming the base of all children’s movies unfortunately. I get it, the moral is to prove to children that regardless of who you are, you can still win. But let’s face it, even the kiddos should be getting tired of this same plot.

Aside from the typical plot, the jokes and pop culture reference just really aren’t that funny either. There’s even a point where Norm starts dancing and they make reference to “twerking” which quite honestly is unnecessary. It makes things seem forced and unfortunately are all failed attempts. While the younger kiddos may still find this to be good, anyone over the age of about 7 will probably prefer to watch latest Disney sitcom. Sorry but this is one to certainly wait for DVD release.

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