Movie Review: ‘Nightworld’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Former cop Brett (Jason London) takes a security job in Bulgaria. It’s a job that his friend suggests due to reoccurring nightmares of his wife’s death. It’s a fresh start for a seemingly easy job. All Brett has to do is go watch security in the basement of an apartment complex, mark down that he checked out the security footage everyday and call former security guard, Jacob (Robert Englund), if he sees anything strange.

When Brett meets the “caretakers” Martin (Gianni Capaldi) and Goran (Nikolay Valentinov Lukanov), he thinks they are just a little bit odd. Then, he wonders why they are keeping secrets from him about this mysterious complex. With the help of Jacob and his girlfriend Zara (Lorina Kamburova), Brett will discover the complex houses something that must be contained. The only real question is will anybody make it out alive?

The movie is shot well and the acting is good. It does drag a bit and you only find out everything at the end of the film, while it quickly wraps up the story. One thing that people will question is that Jacob is blind, but he’s the person that tries to be the hero. It was odd to see. He can convince you to stop this evil, but he’s the only one that tries to follow through. It has some jump scenes. It’s more the music than the scenes. The way the story wraps up you kind of just go, “um, okay…” It’s not a bad movie, it’s decent with okay pacing.

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