Movie Review: The New ‘Thor’ Ragna-Rocks!

Thor Ragnarok’ is an absolute blast from beginning to end. It never lags. It never bores the audience. And it certainly never stops to see if you might want something deeper. It is a balls to the wall action comedy and it has no problem with just being fun. Which makes for a good time at the movies, but doesn’t necessarily leave you caring about the characters as much as you might have in another film.

The lack of deep emotional connection may come as a breathe of fresh air to some folks. Especially if you are prone to tears, because some seemingly meaningful characters in this franchise meet their demise in this film and you are unlikely to bat an eye. For me, this is the one sour note in an otherwise wonderful film. I like all the comedy, but I prefer my heroes with a little more gravitas.

Still, that is a puny problem with a nearly perfect example of what a blockbuster is supposed to be. The story opens this time with Thor stuck in a cage. He informs the audience, through a conversation with a skeleton, that he has been galavanting around the cosmos looking for uniformity stones, but hasn’t been successful. After a big battle with a devil and a dragon he continues his bounce around the galaxy.

In a matter of minutes, he runs into Loki, Doctor Strange, and Odin. Which all leads to the reveal of a ridiculously sexy Cate Blanchett as Hella and the destruction of everything that Thor holds dear. Eventually, he manages to end up on a scrap filled planet of gladiator matches and runs into his old pal Hulk. This is all played for outlandish battles and silly gags, but while everybody is joking, Hella is destroying Asgard. So, Thor has to put a team together to save the date.

There’s really no deep philosophical pondering or character development beyond that. It’s just a Thor and Hulk buddy movie that takes us bouncing across the galaxy. It’s lucky that Thor and Hulk are such wonderful company, because this movie wages a lot on their charisma. Hulk actually spends a lot of time being the dumb Hulk here and he plays off Thor hilariously. Hemsworth has settled into the role of Thor in such a seamless manner that you can’t imagine anyone else playing him. Huddleston is typically wonderful as Loki. And Tessa Thompson is a nice addition as a bounty hunter who used to be someone special on Asgard.

While I might have liked a little more depth, and the romance with Jane is sorely missed, the movie is loads of fun. There are scenes of sheer spectacle and jokes around every corner. So, if you are a Marvel fan then this is going to really get you pumped. It’s a fresh tale of space madness that’s told on a plethora of worlds and with a handful of characters you already love. What more could you ask for? Well, a bit more emotion couldn’t have hurt, but we can’t get everything every time.

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Nathan Ligon

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