Movie Review: ‘The New Adventures Of Aladdin’ Is Funny And Enjoyable

As a comical and modern version of the famous Arabian folktale – Aladdin and his magical lamp, movie ‘The New Adventures Of Aladdin’ is totally entertaining till the last bit. Novel combination of an old tale set against the modern backdrop of today’s world seems exciting and interesting for the audience. Slated to release on May 16, 2017, this tale will bring back wonderful memories about Aladdin’s famous magical lamp and genie. Directed by Arthur Benzaquen and written by Daive Cohen, ‘The new adventures of Aladdin’ is funny and enjoyable in every way.

The plot revolves around two broke friends Sam (Adams) and Khalid (William Lebghil). While working at a departmental stores, both these friends plan to rob it on Christmas night in order to make some quick money. Unfortunately their plans are spoiled by a bunch of kids who insist Santa Sam to tell them some stories.

With an aim to get rid of them, as Sam runs his imagination for a story, he narrates them a modern story on Aladdin. Projecting himself as Aladdin, Sam takes the audience to this ancient folktale. As the plot enters into an interesting world full of palaces, castles, genie, magical lamps and unbelievable adventures, the movie succeeds in entertaining its viewers.

Aladdin’s interaction with the genie (Eric Judor) grant him five wishes that eventually culminate into diverse fun-filled experiences. His desires to win the princess Shallia (Vanessa Guide) coupled with terror of villain Vizir (Jean-Paul Rouve) give rise to several experiences along the way. The movie deserves the credit of working on a famous old tale and redecorating it with funny dialogues. Excellent acting, perfect doses of humor and thrill, picturesque sets and funny situations make this movie successful.

It is a wonderful revisit to the past for the elderly audience who have read Aladdin’s adventures in their childhood. Perfect chemistry between actors Adams and William increase the fun quotient of the tale. Jean’s negative shades and Vanessa’s princess attitude appear real, making it totally relatable in every way.

Location of the movie add unique charm as the castles and kingdom appear real. It wins as a feel-good movie with doses of humor. It succeeds in taking the audience to a far-away imaginary world, offering nothing but pure fun and entertainment.

Watch this movie for an old tale under new light. Humor and entertainment are filled in large amounts to make it a wonderful experience for all.

Opening on VOD Nationwide on Tuesday, May 16 on all major platforms including:

iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft, Vudu, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon, Vimeo, and various other cable operators.

Film will be release in both dubbed into English and French language versions (With English Subtitles).

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