Movie Review: Natalie Portman Gives Her Career Best As ‘Jackie’

‘Jackie’ would be nothing without Natalie Portman and to discuss the film without devoting most of your time on her would be crazy. So, I’ll quickly get out the way that the writing and composition of the cinematography in this movie are great. I would have gone for something better looking than 16mm, but it works. Either way, the story and the way it’s done is as illuminating as a tale on this subject could possibly be.

However, it would be nothing without Portman’s unforgettable performance. I don’t know how much love this movie will get, but she is my pick to win the Oscar for Best Actress this year. Which says a lot because I loved Emma Stone and Amy Adams, but this one takes the cake. The reason being simple. Jackie Kennedy is a tough role to play!

She has a very specific cadence and a very defined stature. You can create a caricature if you minimize the dialogue, but the script here is sharp and in depth. So, Portman couldn’t cut any corners. She has to get everything about Jackie down to the the smallest detail. It is a masterful performance and well worthy of your time. Many may find the film plotting, but the performance is unforgettable!

I’ll be writing quite a bit more about Portman and the best performances of the year real soon, but for now just know that hers is as good as it gets.


Nathan Ligon

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