Movie Review: ‘My Pet Dinosaur’

An interesting science fiction with entertainment, humor, friendship and fun, this family-friendly movie will be loved by everyone. Bringing a unique tale, quite different from the usual superpowers, it revolves around extra-terrestrial creatures who are novel yet friendly. It portrays an unusual form of friendship between a young boy Jake and his new pet dinosaur Magnus. After entering into his life accidently through a science project, the new pet forms a connection with this caring boy.

The story takes us through their fun adventures in the little town named Brightwood. While hiding the new creature and keeping him safe from the eyes of his mother and friends, Jake hopes to protect this relationship. But how long will the boy succeed in protecting it from the military, authorities and other curious scientific members is a tale worth watching. The movie is interesting at every level, managing to engage the audience. It is fun to watch an unusual yet strong bond when young members welcome novelty. Set against the picturesque landscape of Australia, it has some wonderful feel to its credit. Interaction between Jake and his brother Mike is an interesting aspect that adds colors. From love-hate relationship to support for the pet, Mike stays with Jake all along.

‘My pet dinosaur’ is a welcoming cross between fiction, comedy and drama, it deserves the title of being different. While military and Jake’s enthusiastic friends make an attempt to get to the base of these unusual creatures, the story strengthens along. Whether Jake succeeds in taking care of his new pet or be forced to abandon him is something worth watching. Though Jake does not understand the nature of his new pet, he believes in their bond. He is unaware if the dinosaur will harm him yet refuses to part away.

Increasing in size day after day, the dinosaur only adds to the troubles, yet Jake finds a solution, one way or the other. From hiding the dinosaur inside the garage to feeding him flowers, getting into trouble with the military to fighting with the authorities, Jake enters into diverse situations and runs into nothing but problems. While the dinosaur appears cute and friendly at the start, it increases in size turning into a big animal by the end. Will he continue to remain the same friendly pet or turn into a harmful creature to mankind grips the tale? Watching a bunch of enthusiastic kids engage in science experiments to protect the new pet from the powers of military is nothing less than pure fun.

Watch a unique tale that entertains, inspires and turns mysterious minute by minute. Though the story touches fiction, it seems believable and quite natural. Instead of being a larger- than-life tale like Jurassic Park series – it is simple, friendly, cute and just the kind of believable entertainment you need in an otherwise usual non-fictional routine.

My Pet Dinosaur on Digital 10/2 and DVD 11/6 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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