Movie Review: ‘Muck’

‘Muck’ is not so much a horror movie as it is a lesson for filmmakers and storytellers in what not to do. It largely makes no sense (and not in an artsy, hidden meaning way). For the most part it feels like a bunch of movie ideas were just thrown together into an odd patchwork of gore and nudity. Not that gore and nudity are bad, but usually there is some semblance of a cohesive plot surrounding them.

The film revolves around a group of friends who have stumbled across a long forgotten ancient burial ground. They barely escape, losing two friends, assumed to be dead. They reach an abandoned house where they attempt to hide from whatever is likely still chasing them from the burial ground only to find that something else, apparently something worse, wants them dead at said house. Now they are fighting against two evils attempting to survive. Oh, and it is also St. Patrick’s Day (what is up with horror films and holidays?).

There is little to no attempt at character development. The movie just flings the characters and the plot at the audience and lets the pieces fall where they might. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing except the plot is filled with holes, and has too many points where what happens just makes no sense. Take for example a scene near the beginning of the film where the friends having just narrowly escaped death stop at a bar. Keep in mind they have just lost two of their companions. Rather than be sad or mourn they immediately hit on and flirt with girls at the bar and take some time to clean up in the bathroom. Also remember that they are still a bit worried that they are being chased by something that wants to kill them. It makes no sense.

The film is billed as a “scary, sexy, shocker”, and it is, if sexy means gratuitous nudity in the most ridiculous of circumstances and shocker refers to how shocking it is that film got made. Nudity has a special place in the horror genre, but the logic behind the nudity in this film seems more likely aimed at garnering views than having anything to do with the plot or making any logical sense at all.

‘Muck’ is a waste of time. It is an attempt to make an entire film around nudity and gore rather than worry about any semblance of plot or character development. If anything do what the filmmakers did and just fast-forward through the movie until you get to the good parts.

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