Movie Review: ‘Below Her Mouth’

Review by Bluray Junkies

Natalie Krill plays “Jasmine” a fashion magazine editor whose relationship with her fiance has been shaky, when one day she meets a woman named “Dallas” they immediately form a strong connection. After a passionate weekend affair between the two women, Jasmine discovers she has never felt this way before and decides what she should do next. Director April Mullen and first time screenwriter Stephanie Fabrizi creates an extremely dull plot.

What could have been an interesting exploration of Jasmine’s sexual awakening and how she mentally, emotionally and physically deals with it could have been fascinating. But instead it’s just a simple cut and dry dull, meaningless story with very wooden performances and awful dialog. The interactions between the characters feel odd and unrealistic. Director April Mullen for some reason choose to use the shaky-cam an absurd amount throughout the movie which becomes extremely annoying. This mixed with an obvious cheap or homemade synthesizer music and very bland editing just ruins the movie even more.

As a warning there is also generous amounts of nudity and sex on display just about everywhere that really crosses the line into pornographic. Again what could have been a very interesting exploration of one woman’s internal battle and journey was completely snuffed out as it’s basically just a porn disguised as an indie movie, which is a real shame. Needless to say avoid this movie

BELOW HER MOUTH will be released theatrically and on demand April 28th.

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