Movie Review: ‘Mojin: The Lost Legend’ Is A Visually Spectacular, Gripping Thrill Ride

Mojin: The Lost Legend is a visually spectacular, gripping thrill ride. In the vein of Indian Jones or Lara Croft, the Mojin are a trio of expert tomb raiders trying to survive and thrive as they face all sorts of obstacles, both earthly and otherworldly. After momentarily retiring, through a series of chance and clandestine encounters, the trio are brought back into the game and recruited to find the “Equinox Flower” buried in a huge underground tomb which requires them to navigate various tunnels, mazes, zombies, explosions, and each other. From New York to China to the inner corners of the human mind, this surreal lost legend is worthy of being found.

When the film opens, we are introduced to the trio as they are entering a tomb. We learn about their methods and rules; like how they light a candle as they enter and return everything if it goes out. Thanks to a few booby traps, we get to see their defensive skills that make them seem almost superhuman; not too dissimilar from martial arts in films like Kung Fu Killer or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. And we get a glimpse into the surrealism that this movie offers when they actually open the deceased’s place of rest.

The film then cuts to New York in the late 1980’s and briefly takes on a period-piece feel as two of the trio are shown in an alley trying to hawk various “treasures”. With a shot of the Twin Towers, a giant 80’s portable phone, and even the brownish hue that you might see in 80’s movies, you’ll swear this film was made in the 80’s… or you’ll get a chuckle at the gimmick. Other “gimmicks” employed here include flashbacks as the characters deal with the memory of their past and motions that seemed designed for 3D (they come at the screen). That’s not to say these “gimmicks” are unwelcome, the 80’s feel is fitting for our recent nostalgic trend, and the graphics and special effects in general would suit a 3D viewing for this film.

Opens Friday, December 18. Click here to see where it’s playing.

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