Movie Review: ‘Mia And The White Lion’

There have been several movies depicting special bond between a human and a pet animal, but the movie ‘Mia and the White Lion’ is different for its unique relationship between a little girl and a wild lion. When school going young girl Mia is forced to uproot her happy settled life in London and travel across continent to Africa, she hates it every bit. Though her parents and little brother make attempts to get her settled, she detests the thought of leaving her hometown for a forest. While her father works on his family farm breeding lions, cubs and other wild animals, Mia does not seem to fit into the new place.

As days proceed, Mia’s life takes an unexpected turn when a little white cub is delivered on their farm. Though she is unwilling to interact with the cub, he manages to catch her attention through his cuteness and prompts her to play along. Slowly and steadily, Mia enjoys the new friend in her life naming him Charlie and forms a happy bond. The movie flows in an enjoyable smooth pace, while we are introduced to an extremely unusual form of friendship. A wild lion with a little girl, Mia is reluctant to part ways with her new found friend. Though her family insists on keeping a safe distance from the cub, she refuses to part ways.

Excellent casting, simple story, exceptionally brilliant landscape and a unique story form the central highlights of this movie. Though it comes across as a simple concept, the uniqueness of this tale lies in the thought that popularly held beliefs can be incorrect too. While it is impossible to imagine any form of true bonding between a wild animal and a human, it does materialize out of pure love. But all is good till the cub is a cute, little baby. As the cub grows to be a full grown lion, Mia is forced to separate from him. While dealing with the animal breeding industry on the farm, Mia’s father has no other choice but to take away Charlie, creating immense anger in Mia. How she strives to protect a full grown lion away from the authorities and keep him safe is the interesting development of the movie.

An entertainer about nature, animals, human interactions with the wild and budding new relationships in the unexpected places, ‘Mia and the White Lion’ is an interesting movie for the viewers. Flowing at a smooth pace, it depicts the significance of unexpected bonding in the most unexpected situations. At the end, what binds two living beings is the bond of love, trust and respect.

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