Movie Review: ‘Men & Chicken’ Will Entertain You Till The Very End

A Danish comedy movie with an unusual plot, funny setup, unexpected outcome and novel theme, ‘Men & Chicken’ directed by Anders Thomas Jensen is certainly different by all means. Releasing on 22nd April 2016, this movie blends mysteries of science with realities of routine life. Revolving around the life of two brothers Gabriel (David Dencik) and Elias (Mads Mikkelsen), the movie takes the audience through their set of unusual encounters and funny behavior. Through a recorded videotape of their deceased father, when the two brothers realize the truth about their adoption, the movie unfolds in an interesting manner. Determination to hunt for the truth coupled with search operation of their real father starts the hilarious course of this movie. Taking the audience to an isolated Danish island of Ork, as the two strive hard for reality – their funny talks, unusual manners and affection towards animals combine into amazing entertainment.

By discovering the name of their real father Evelio Thanatos and knowing about his work as a geneticist in stem cell research, the two embark on a hilarious journey ahead. Unusual love for feathered animals and attraction towards these four legged birds add elements of thrill along the course of its storyline. A dark comedy with totally different connection, the movie may tend to drift away quite often. Yet, promising talent of each of the characters retain the moments of fun, thrill, enjoyment and entertainment. As the two brothers reach their father’s house on the isolated island, their arrival is greeted with loads of hilarious moments.

Encounter with three other half-brothers Franz (Soren Malling), Gregor (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and Josef (Nicolas Bro) followed by unwelcoming attitude of the family combine into testing times for the two brothers. Explanation about their origin, history, purpose and need result into unexpected reactions as the three brothers reluctantly accept these newly discovered pair of half-brothers. Secret about the death of their real father besides presence of several animals running around the house point to greater hidden ideas and unknown facts. Though real truth of these facts does not reach the viewers instantly, unfolding magic of the aspects shower fun and frolic.

While each of these half-brothers demonstrate weird habits and unusual manners, Gabriel’s lifestyle as a professor highlights his intelligence, wisdom and normal social conduct. As he leaves behind Elias with the other three members, his hunt for truth brings him closer to the odd experiments of his father. Working as a stem cell research scientist, his father’s project on various farm animals, fetuses, genetics and stem cells help him in discovering the truth. Desperate attempts to hunt for jobs and life partners present challenges to these socially misfit brothers who seem to be different from the rest of the world.

Realization about these research projects, notes, experiments and hidden materials reveal the truth behind their odd manners, outcast behavior and social awkwardness. As all the brothers unite under the shock of this hidden truth, their unexpected growing bond forms the best highlight of the movie.
With a unique concept that surprises and entertains, ‘Men and Chicken’ is a totally different movie for the audience of today. Involving fantasies of science within moments of thrill, comedy, fun and entertainment, the makers have created a new-age comedy saga for its viewers.

Watch this movie for its unique connection with animals, unusual acts by the characters, loads of secrets and hilarious acts of discovery within a scientific framework. A funny movie with a funnier theme ‘Men and Chicken’ will certainly entertain you till the last bit.

Opening New York & LA on April 22nd.

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