Movie Review: ‘The Maze Runner’

Review By Cole Clay

Some films call back to their love for nostalgia and some look to the future, Wes Ball’s directorial debut The Maze Runner stays in the present living for the moments. The trailer for this Young Adult dystopian science-fiction film showed potential for it to set itself apart from genre that have been coming out of the wood-work since 2008’s Twilight. With tight shots of well-executed action and a Lord of The Flies like premise this looked like it could be a lot of fun. However, this film doesn’t live up to the promise of the trailer and what could have been a simple tale of survival turns into a convoluted juggernaut that is too big for its britches.

Thomas (Dylan O’ Brien) is thrown up into a community of young men, with his memory erased and frantically looks for answers. This is a rather industrious group of guys who have cultivated a society called “The Glade” to forge their own food & water other than a monthly package sent by an unknown presence called W.C.K.D. There is an underlying evil that lies within the maze and Thomas believes he can find the answers.

As Cabin In The Woods showed us this film could have turned into so much more interesting than once wefigure out what’s going on behind the maze. Instead the level of intrigue fizzles out in the third act. However the cast including O’ Brien, Will Poulter and Blake Cooper, Ki Hong Lee demand to be paid attention to and all give invigorating performances.

For about the first hour The Maze Runner tells an entrancing tale of mystery. Once all the questions are answer and the segue for the sequel is queued up you will notice that you have traveled through this maze before.

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