Movie Review: ‘The Mason Brothers’

The Mason Brothers has been said to be inspired by The Untouchables and Reservoir Dogs. To be honest, I have never seen those films, so I cannot confirm the comparison. What I can say is the comparison makes me even less likely to watch the older movies after watching The Mason Brothers. There was very little that I liked in this rather boring film, including the story and the characters. The run time was just under two hours, but it felt longer.

Nothing really happens in that nearly two hour run time. The story revolves around a group of criminals who are either planning a bank heist, arguing over a failed bank heist that took the life of one of their brothers, or torturing members of a neighboring gang to find out who killed the brother. Most of the torture took place off screen; like when one member of the rival gang is losing a fingernail (or finger or something), we are treated to a five minute shot of the guy’s head in a choke hold. And the acting doesn’t really help make me believe something is happening.

As another example, that I actually kind of liked, there is a long scene of the gang driving to the heist. There are several shots of them getting their guns ready, among other things, and there is a long shot of the van driving down a Los Angeles road at night; no other cars, just the road and nighttime scenery. Aside from the nice scenery, Keith Sutliff’s directorial debut was dull and a bit repetitive.

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