Movie Review: ‘Making Babies’

A perfect entertainer that only keeps getting funnier and funnier, ‘Making babies’ takes us through the journey of a young married couple – Katie and John Kelly. While trying to get pregnant for the last five years since marriage, when there is nothing but failure at every step, it adds to lot of hard work in the making. What follows is multiple hilarious attempts to turn successful one way or the other. Katie’s growing anxiety coupled with John’s desire to succeed in his micro-brewing business combine together into hilarious situations.

With an excellent star cast, funny story and entertaining circumstances, the movie has lots to offer. From medical options to traditional solutions, alternative medicines to spiritual methods, they try it all, jumping from one funny incident to another. The story captures the emotions and feelings of an anxious couple in a perfect way that syncs well in the modern scenario. Though the topic is serious, the situations and dialogues are totally funny, making an attempt to lighten the heavy burden of such expectations. There are expensive IVF consultations that simply make it difficult to find any good solution.

The movie succeeds in projecting what happens when a couple is not able to get what they desire since there are two partners in the process. They agree, disagree, fight, argue and do everything possible to succeed. Perfect chemistry between the two add excellent doses of entertainment. It manages to keep the viewers involved every step of the way. What makes this movie entertaining is funny dialogues and perfectly timed humor. You cannot help but burst out laughing while the poor couple does everything to do what it takes. From mood swings due to the treatment procedures to the hardships of managing work and family needs, the two run around hoping to make it all work for their little baby. Only if things would go as per plan, the story prompts one to take a lighter look at life. It is definitely a perfect watch for young couples to make them realize that not everything is within one’s control. Besides the routine medical procedures, when the couple is flooded by loads of alternative suggestions from Katie’s mother, John’s brother and his wife, the situation only turns hilarious. Slowly and steadily the couple is confused in every possible way. Overwhelmed by wide array of suggestions, they are totally unsure about what they really want in the first place. Be it trying out herbal medicines to meeting spiritual healers, their funny encounters add unexpected episodes of laughter. And finally when two alternative methods clash into each other, their confusion increases to a great extent. All of this puts toll on their physical, mental, social and financial conditions, while their relationship is put through several tests in the process. The movie succeeds in being unique but it does slip into typical movie clichés once in a while.

Whether they succeed or fail or ultimately end up spoiling their relation is the interesting suspense of this funny entertainer. Watch ‘Making babies’ for the fun-filled joyride of something beautiful disguised into everything that is hilarious.

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