Movie Review: ‘After Love’

Perfect amount of love, anger, emotions, drama and entertainment combine together in an interesting movie for the audience. Slated to release on August 9th, 2017 ‘After Love’ will definitely force you to look at the other side of love. While love and relations sound rosy with happy experiences, this movie attempts to show the undesired, yet true face of love. What happens if love goes wrong is beautifully depicted in this upcoming story by Director Joachim Lafosse. After 15 years of togetherness, when couple Boris (Cedric Kahn) and Marie (Berenice Bejo) decide to part their ways, the story explores their emotional and financial complexities. With two beautiful daughters in the family, the couple experience mountain of challenges to end their relationship.

Expect emotional drama and some interesting encounters in this movie that depicts the phase of post love in a believable manner. As the couple struggle to adjust themselves after 15 years of association, the movie delivers entertainment in a perfect way. It looks closely at the financial aspect of a relationship. Though they decide to separate their ways, they are unable to agree about the finances. Lack of cash forces Boris to live in their family home that was once financed by Marie’s mother. This brings the power play of male ego and financial inequality in the picture as none of the two are ready for a compromise. While Marie is proud of being the sole breadwinner for the family, Boris refuses to accept his failure. What follows is a series of fights and arguments between the two, making their separation extremely difficult.

It is an intimate and painful movie that looks at the foundation of a relationship. As the couple realize their mounting differences, they question the basic reason of what brought them together. Whether lack of finances is the reason of their separation or whether love just drains away with passing time is the question put forth by this wonderful movie. Both the actors have done an excellent job in presenting their story in a relatable manner. By bringing forth a sensitive topic, Director Joachim Lafosse will be able to form a connection with the audience. Simple depiction with a real-life angle, the story does not seem unbelievable or larger than life in any way. It presents all the troubles faced by a family following a major fall out and its impact on kids.

Exchange of dialogues between Marie and her mother add layers to the story, pointing out the reality that love can be difficult yet it is important to work it out. An excellent movie that shows behind-the- scene reality of true love, ‘After love’ is truly worth watching.

Watch this movie for its story, amazing actors, excellent screenplay and wonderful flow. ‘After Love’ will force you to look into the various aspects of a relationship, making you realize that love cannot be taken for granted.


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