Movie Review: ‘Love At First Child’ More Rom Than Com

Review by L.C. Cragg

Love At First Child (the original title, Ange and Gabrielle) based on a play L’Eveil du Chameau by Murielle Magellan, delivers a heartwarming romantic comedy, but not, much originality or intense laugh out loud moments. The film is correctly cast with Isabelle Carré as Gabrielle and Patrick Bruel as Ange.

The film starts with an inciting event, Gabrielle confronts Ange, a certified playboy, that is estranged from his alleged son, Simon, (played by Thomas Solivéres) has gotten her seventeen year old daughter Claire ( played by Alice de Lencquesaing )pregnant. Simon wants nothing to have nothing to do with the child. While Ange is convinced that this is not his problem, Gabrielle’s persistence proves otherwise. One theme this movie conveys is that a mother’s love for a child can indeed be unstoppable.

Gabrielle and Ange move through numerous interactions which should have but do not convey URST, Un-Resolved Sexual Tension, but instead come across and two people trying to look out for their kids who undoubtedly have their own ideas. Had the characters all had been more developed in their intensity and quirks perhaps more comedic moments could have been delivered.

But the film has a certain beautiful charm of how we meet new people, how we connect with those people, the ebb and flow of relationships through difficulties and in the movie’s tender moments, inspires faith in humanity.

The movie emphasizes human compassion versus judgment. When Gabrielle and Ange develop a relationship, we wonder whether they are indeed start crossed lovers, or can their love endure life’s challenges and realities.

The upbeat mood of the film though not hilarious is worth watching, if only to champion faith in family values. Releasing on VOD on July 11.

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