Movie Review: ‘Lost In Florence’

A smooth flowing tale of relations, foreign land, passion, interest and support – ‘Lost in Florence’ is a feel-good movie for the audience. Slated to release on 27th January, 2017 ‘Lost in Florence’ is your answer for a light romantic drama. Revolving around the land of Florence in Italy, the movie combines perfect doses of comedy, drama and action. When Eric Lombard (Brett Dalton) proposes his girlfriend Colleen during a romantic vacation in Florence, he is surprised by her cold rejection. Unable to trust his ambitions and goals, as Colleen chooses to go back home, Eric is totally heartbroken. Alone in a foreign country, though he gets the support of his cousin and Italian brother-in-law, Eric often dreams about his perfect relationship.

As Eric decides to put his life together and work towards his own progress, he receives unconditional support from his cousin, brother-in-law and new friends in the neighborhood. He enjoys the warmth and comfort of Italian culture, while trying out local cuisine and drinks. Though he is away from his home in the United States, he blends himself in the new culture. In an attempt to forget the past, he moves closer to every aspect of the new place. Excellent cast, simple story, picturesque location, Italian culture and language form the highlights of this movie that can keep you engaged till the last bit.

As Eric works to make his place in Florence, he is introduced to an ancient form of sport called ‘calciostorico’. A unique combination of rugby and street fighting, this famous and old-style sport holds a strong history in Florence. With strong experience of football since his college days, Eric is able to learn the sport instantly. Though local members of the team resist his participation as an American, he manages to gain entry into the team on the basis of his exceptional skills.

With this, as Eric plays as one of the team members, the story introduces several twists and turns. His growing love interest towards one of the team player’s girlfriend, along with recurrent dreams about his past love combine into an entertaining plot. When the final competition approaches, Eric faces conflicts between love and friendship. Though madly in love, when his dedication and commitment to the team is questioned, Eric encounters several challenges along the way. ‘Lost in Florence’ focusses over the aspect of uncertainties in life as Eric finds himself in unexpected circumstances quite often. While caught between love, passion, dreams and goals, Eric strives to find his way out.

Watch this new-age tale of passion and romance. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful country, this movie has wonderful theme to its credit.

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