Movie Review: ‘Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey’

If you admire the Pacific Ocean and love the beautiful coast of California, movie ‘Liza, Liza, Skies are grey’ is a perfect entertainer for you. Set in the yesteryears of late 60s, the movie revolves around the summer of 1966. A period that dealt with war in Vietnam, Civil rights confrontations and Sexual revolution, the movie starts with warnings and preparation for a possible atomic bomb. But, these aspects are just mentioned at the start of the movie, as this story is more about love and freedom, rather than any violent actions. With such disturbing factors in the backdrop, lead actors Liza (Mikey Madison) and Brett (Sean H. Scully) decide to explore freedom as they embark on an adventurous motorcycle trip.

Directed by two-time Academy Award winner Terry Sanders, this story is an excellent combination of love and adventure. It presents a sweet and dynamic journey of love between the sixteen year old protagonists. The character of Liza exhibits dreams in her eyes and desire to explore the world beyond the comforts of her house. While Brett comes across as a strong, young man looking forward to challenges ahead. Their four day long adventurous road trip brings them closer to the realities of life. As they encounter diverse experiences along the way, they realize the significance of love and relations.

Their trip along the Pacific coast from Pacific Palisades to Monterey and Big Sur appears interesting and lively as it gives essence of the good, old times. Both the actors have done a wonderful job in bringing their characters to life. But, the plot does not build their character to the maximum possible extent, leaving lot of things to imagination. The story fails to explore their potential fully which poses as its lowlight. The movie could have made use of more dialogues to form a connection with its viewers. Yet, the story is definitely unique and fresh. It will take the viewers over a wonderful ride along the beautiful beaches of the Pacific coast.

The movie has a feel-good incense in its flow. It delivers the message of exploring one’s dreams and standing up for happiness. It stresses over the need to break conventional boundaries and live without any restrictions. Slated to release on August 18th, this movie is worth watching for its embedded message and smooth flowing story. It offers inspiration from nature as the sky and sea do not believe in boundaries. ‘Liza, Liza, skies are grey’ is about the limitless sky and sea, but at the same time warns about the need to be careful and cautious in an unpredictable world.

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