Movie Review: ‘Live Evil’

Live Evil has no idea what it wants to be. A horror movie? A comedy? An ensemble film? Psychological Horror? Monster Horror? Live Evil tries to do everything, but accomplishes nothing in a film that is just a confusing and boring mess.

The film is set in a small college town that is in the midst of “evil” taking over the entire town and causing horrific events on Halloween. Despite all the horror around the town, the main characters, the members of the local police, stay in a very light mood and constantly crack corny jokes. They tell even more jokes after the “evil forces” kill several of their fellow officers. The characters have no emotions, and constantly make terrible decisions, such as leaving prisoners alone with the demon on multiple occasions with the same result.

The film has so many characters popping in and out that it is nearly impossible to keep track of the growing cast. The film includes many police officers, paramedics, college students, FBI agents, two criminals on the FBI’s most wanted list, and two light hearted quirky academics. It also seems like every male character is named Bill, Pete, or Hank, making it even more difficult to keep it straight.

Although, to me, it’s not usually fair to attack a low budget film for its lack of resources, Live Evil is distractingly low quality. We often hear about things we never see, such as a town going crazy, when only ever see empty streets. Many of the actors struggle as they recite overwritten lines of dialogue that attempts to dive into their backstories. The poor special effects are often just distracting, such as a man firing a gun at a clearly parked car while the car’s tires screech.

On top of all of its obvious flaws, Live Evil tries to inflate its image with lots of artistic flair that rarely matches the tone of the film. The first half of the film is in Black and White for absolutely no reason, and the color is turned back on by an action in the film. The effect is never explained and makes no sense. The music occasionally adds to a creepy atmosphere that only exists in a very few scenes, but is usually completely against the film’s tone and is clearly out of place.

Live Evil is an incomprehensible mess of a horror film that doesn’t understand its own tone, themes, or limitations. Its biggest fault is that it’s usually quite boring, despite starting with a bang and throwing the audience right into a creepy situation. The film’s strong first scene is the only time the film ever shines, and the hour and a half after is a bitter disappointment.

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