Movie Review: ‘Little Sister’

A sad comedy with elements of family, disturbance, perspective and changes – movie ‘Little Sister’ revolves around a novel subject. Based on the life of a new training nun Colleen (Adison Timlin), the movie follows her journey back home in an attempt to cheer her brother. After returning from a war at Iraq, as her brother Jacob (Keith Poulson) suffers from injures and burns over the face, he loses his zeal for life. While confined to his parent’s house with no hope ahead, as Jacob engages in playing drums all through the day, his mother worries about the future. With a view to change the situation as their drug dependent disturbed mother Ally Sheddy turns to Collen for help, she hopes for some positivity.

Written and directed by Zach Clark, ‘Little Sister’ explores the complications of this unusual family. Set in the recent past of 2008, the movie makes frequent references about Obama’s political campaign. Though Colleen seemed to be a happy teenager with love for metal music and fun stuff, her sudden transformation towards nun life drives her away to New York. While dealing with the new challenges of sacrificing her carefree life and accepting the nun way, an email from her mother forces her to drive to home town Asheville NC. Though she disconnects with her struggling actor father Peter Hedges and suicidal depressed mother Ally Sheddy, she chooses to visit this dysfunctional family for her elder brother.

In a hope to bring him back to usual course of life, as Colleen enters into her past Goth phase, she looks at life with a different view. While fun and excitement occupied her center stage once upon a time, she seems more satisfied with her new role as ‘nun’. Along with help from Jacob’s fiancée, as Colleen attempts to cheer her brother, the storyline appears engaging in every way.

Talented cast, interesting dialogues and novel plot form the highlights of this movie that explore dynamics of relationships. Though the family members are disconnected from each other, Colleen’s visit changes the situation in several ways. As Colleen spreads her charm around, the story manages to surprise the audience. The movie could have benefitted by including more humorous elements to enhance the overall fun quotient of the story.

Little Sister is a novel story with a powerful message. With its smooth flowing storyline, it talks about the significance of family in bringing out the best in each other. While Colleen hopes to bring her brother back to the routine – her love, care and concern decorate the plot in a loving manner. The story focusses over the usual ups and downs that every family encounters, yet speaks about the underlying affection and support as the strong foundation. It depicts the reality about individual strengths and weaknesses that form the usual elements in a family. Though loved ones have unique shades to the personality, they are united by the threads of togetherness.

An interesting look at relationships, ‘Little Sister’ is truly worth watching. Watch this movie for its powerful message, honest feelings, simple story, yet interesting end. ‘Little Sister’ is for the heart that beats, while holding a family together.

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