Movie Review: ‘Leopard’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Jack (Eoin Macken) returns home after his father passes away. His brother, Tom (Tom Hopper), wonders what the real reason for his brother’s return is. After a drunken night in town at James’ (Liam Carney) bar, Jack remembers seeing a woman (Rebecca Night) that was being abused. He and Tom grab the woman and bring her home. Tom tends to the woman, while Jack goes out drinking more than he can handle.

It is later revealed that the town hates Jack and Tom as they think they killed another woman, when it was blamed on her drowning. It is also revealed that Jack left town in the first place because he wanted to search for his mother who abandoned them.

Jack found his mother and lets Tom know where she is. They wanted to know why their mother abandoned them and left them with their abusive father. It might have been better if they never looked for her.

It’s disturbing to know how Jack and Tom’s upbringing has affected them. There are things that don’t make sense right away until you find out more and then it will make sense. It’s a bit sick, but makes for a good thriller. You may feel conflicted between feeling bad for Tom and Jack and knowing that one or both have gone too far.

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