Movie Review: ‘Lazy Eye’

Reviewed by Bluray Junkies

Dean is an L.A. graphic designer who keeps getting bad news, most recently his change of eye sight leaves him feeling old and depressed having to wear trifocles. As Dean is struggling with his job and adjusting ti life in LA an old flame, Alex resurfaces wanting to reconnect. Dean decides to take a few days off from work and drives out to the desert and invites his old lover in writer/director Tim Kirkman’s drama Lazy Eye.

The two men reconnect instantly and they are reminded of who they were and they discover their love for eachother is still as strong as it was 15 years earlier. However old secrets and revelations slowly start to uncover during their getaway.

Director Tim Kirkman and his cinematographer Gabe Mayhan does a beautiful job at capturing the cinematic desert landscapes and a great job at handling shots throughout the film, that really pulls you in. The performances from both actors felt unnatural and their dialog between eachother feels like it was lifted from Hallmark cards, they sound very robotic and unnatural. Besides that the chemstry between Dean and Alex keeps you watching. Dean is closed off and anal and Alex has a firey charisma and is honest and their chemistry together along with the direction keeps the movie a float.

There are a few flashback scenes with voice overs from each character that feel very unnecessary and frankly annoying. The movie would have flowed better without it and the complicated history between the two could have been told without it. Ultimatly Lazy Eye is about revisiting lost love and starting down a new road in life. This is a perfect rainy afternoon or evening movie

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