Movie Review: ‘Lady-Like’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Allie (Stephanie Simbari) is a woman who heavily relies on her best friend, Kort (Allie Gallerani). When Allie convinces Kort to go out with new transfer student, Daniel (Zak Steiner), she didn’t realize she’d lose spending time with her friend. She also didn’t realize how dependant she is on Kort. When Kort opts to hang out with Daniel instead of Allie (who was sleeping when she was supposed to hang out with Kort), Allie gets drunk and ruins Kort and Daniel’s relationship. Only then, does Allie realize she took things too far and needs to fix problems she caused as well as her own life.

This movie is shot well and the plot is simple. It doesn’t drag, but it’s very annoying. Allie is in college and I wasn’t sure what year she was, but she was acting like a child. I know that there are people really like this, but it made me cringe watching this. She blows through her parents money, doesn’t have any ambition, only has one close friend that she uses as a crutch and can literally have anything she wants if she tries just a little bit. Kort even apologized to Allie for blowing her off, but she shouldn’t have had to. Allie is completely at fault for everything, but Kort is nice and misses her best friend.

Beverly D’Angelo made a funny bit appearance as Dean Melissa, but I thought she’d be in the film more. Her scenes didn’t add to the story, it was just comic relief. It isn’t a bad thing, if it wasn’t something that didn’t feel unnecessarily added in. The film did rush Allie getting herself together. It made it seem like all she had to do was clean her room and start exercising again to be a good person.

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