Movie Review: ‘Kiwi Christmas’

Welcome the much-awaited holiday season with this fun-filled entertainer. ‘Kiwi Christmas’ is an excellent movie for the entire family. It has all the elements for a nice break from routine, while you wait for the Christmas holidays. There is comedy, drama, and some extremely funny moments to make you smile. It takes us through fun-filled adventures of a family in New Zealand. Two kids- Sam and Molly are upset with their separated parents. All they want is a happy festival with their family, but it does not turn out as they hoped. When an unexpected situation finally brings them together on a beach for the holiday, the kids are happy to be with their parents.

One unexpected situation leads to the other and they find themselves in some embarrassing moments. The movie delivers a nice message about family, love, trust, respect, and faith. Though they encounter lot of troubles, there is underlying happiness in whatever they do. On the other end of the globe, Santa is disappointed with materialism of the holidays. From video calls to tablets, smartphones to instant messaging, he is irritated with the money and commercial nature of the good, old Christmas. He wants to get away from the North Pole to a faraway place for some peace. He wants to be as far as possible from the artificial feeling of Christmas.

He ends up on the exact same beach location where Sam and Molly spend holidays with their parents. When they meet the Santa disguised as a regular old man, they instantly bond with him. They learn a lot of good things while spending time with him. He teaches them the importance of several things in real life, while dealing with the expected share of setbacks.

A good tale of love and life, it delivers the message of finding hope in everything we do. We often wait for something or someone in life. We expect others to do things for us. As the Santa disguised as an old man interacts with everyone in the family, he makes a difference in their thoughts. Whether he inspires them or fails to connect is an interesting development in the tale. Every actor has done a great job of playing their part. The characters appear as simple real-life people with their usual ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Can Santa manage to hide his true identity? Will Sam understand the real meaning of Santa Claus? Will the separated parents have fun for their children? Will the family unite after the holidays? Watch the movie for answers to these interesting questions.

There are some funny magical moments when everything turns upside down with hilarious outputs. Watch a fun-filled entertainer for the holidays. It will invite you to find the real joy behind everything that is usual in life.

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