Movie Review: ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Is A Silly, Stupid, Blast Of A Sequel

The first ‘Kingsman’ was a bit of fresh air to the spy genre. Yes, it was mostly a foul mouthed parody of Bond and other spy flicks, but it had enough of its own thing going that it really struck a positive nerve with audiences. The sequel opts to follow in the show steps of pretty much every other standard sequel. It delivers a lot more of the same, but with new gimmick. That gimmick is one a few few clever concepts this mostly bone-headed sequel throws around.

If the British have the Kingsman then what do the Americans have? I mean, Britain can’t have a secret agency of 007’s without America having their share of Ethan Hunt’s. So, that’s the essential premise this movie plays with. Except for the fact that the Ethan Hunt’s are nothing like the dashing ‘Mission Impossible’ American bad ass. They are a bunch of honky tonks in a Kentucky whiskey factory. Which is both super lame and pretty funny.

The catalyst that leads Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and the Kingsman to track down their American counterparts, nicknamed the Statesman, is a crazy drug dealer named Poppy. Poppy is played by Julianne Moore as a looney psychopathic CEO of a major drug business. She lives in a crazy 1950’s recreation in the middle of Cambodia and chops people up to eat in meat grinders. It’s weird shit, but oddly funny.

I laughed quite a bit at ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’. Now, I wasn’t always laughing because the jokes were funny. Sometimes it was because the shit on screen was so cheesy or just plain stupid. Yet, I had pretty consistent fun throughout the thing. I could have used a little less of the blaring songs in the action sequences or the cameo that wears out it’s welcome, but these things never took me out of the film. And the last action sequence is pretty fun, despite being utterly predictable.

So, if you liked the original then you are likely to enjoy this one. It’s a step down from that clever film, but most of the ingredients are still included. I just hope they come up with a slightly better gimmick next time than hick America as super spies.

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