Movie Review: ‘Kill Zone 2’ Has Bone Splitting Martial Arts Action

“Bone Splitting Martial Arts Action With More Story Than You Expect”

If your in the mood for some hard hitting, ass kicking martial arts action, your buddy wants to watch something bloody, but you’re sister is the only one with a car and wants to watch a tear jerker than your in luck with the sequel to 2008’s Kill Zone.

In this go around the bad guys are a crime syndicate from Hong Kong that make big money kidnapping people and selling their organs. That is the first reason why Simon Yam (Phantom of The Theater) is after them.

To make things more interesting not only does the main baddy, Mr. Hung have a bad ticker and a super rare blood type, but his brother is the only real viable candidate to save his life. The plan is to kidnap Mr. Hung’s brother and bring him to a Thai prison for the deadly operation.

Now while this is a decent enough plot line for a martial arts flick, there is also a B story involving International Martial arts star Tony Jaa. Jaa portrays a prison guard at a prison is Thailand. This is the same prison that will host the black market heart transplant. Why? You ask, well it seems that it is also the site of the nefarious Mr. Hung’s human organ farm. All the men, women and children that have been nabbed in Hong Kong are kept here and they’re parts are sold to the highest bidder.

Tony Jaa’s “ChatChai” character is a lowly prison guard with a family problem. Jaa’s precocious 8 year old daughter is in the hospital dying of Leukemia. “Chatchai” is desperate to find the one in a million bone marrow doner, whom we find out is the undercover cop trying to bring down the human organ ring!

Yeah, how’s that for plot twists. Normally you don’t see that much thought going into an action flick. This however is Chinese cinema and along with flawless cinematography and the use of vivid colors such as red and yellow to bring you into the dank and dangerous world, Kill Zone 2 is a fun ride.

With a run time of two hours and so much story it may feel a littke slow at time but, the amount of bone breaking chest kicks, round houses, and back flips along with fingers being chopped off in slow motion, should satisfy most bloodlusting action movie goers out there today.

Jonathan Chauser

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