Movie Review: ‘Kiki’

Kiki showcases several young LGBT members who participate in a supportive house system, where they get to pick their family members and they work together to win competitions that range from dancing to pageantry. The film is an eye-opening and riveting documentary exploring a subculture within the LGBT community involving dance, expression, competition, and family.

The competitions are uplifting. The film primarily features a dancing competition, showing the different houses practicing and discussing the relevance of the dance style and the importance of the competition.

In addition to competition practice, we get to see the members going about their lives. Some have heartbreaking stories about how their biological families reacted when they came out, while others have their family members in the film discussing their reactions; spoiler, they had better reactions. In a somber segment, the film shows how they deal with death.

The documentary also touches on politics, featuring an event with President Obama and the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, among other prideful issues. Seemingly made before the 2016 election campaign, it would be interesting to see a follow-up on how the participants are doing now. But the movie, overall, was uplifting and worth a look.

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