Movie Review: ‘Kevin Hart: What Now?’

Review by Monique Thompson

What’s next to do after you’ve starred in almost a dozen movies in the last two years….sell out a football stadium with a comedy tour. Kevin Hart has proven why he’s listed as Forbes highest paid comedian in the world. When you can pack out a 50,000 seat stadium doing standup comedy, it’s safe to say you’re officially a comedic rock star.

In the same city as he was born, Kevin Hart performs his standup routine in front of a sold out crowd at Lincoln Financial Field in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia). Kevin Hart: What Now? is the comedians fifth stand-up film and the third to be theatrically released, the follow up to his 2013 Madison Square Garden Let Me Explain release which sold out at 30,000 people.

Bringing the crowd to tears of laughter, the comedian uses his infectious energy and sticks to his usual subjects: African-American culture, his family and children, marriage/dating, racism, and pop culture/current events. This go’ round, What Now, opens with a casino skit featuring Halle Berry and Don Cheadle, which is set as the events leading up to his performance. The comedian spoofs a scene from the 2014 Denzel Washington film, The Equalizer, before fleeing the scene with Halle to head to Lincoln Financial Field. The casino opening is only a warmup to what the comedian will do during his standup.

Hands down, performing a standup routine in front of a crowd of 50,000 is unprecedented and Hart has certainly created history. What Now features the comic doing what he does best: being a complete idiot (in a good way that is) and producing relatable material that’s down right funny. As I always say about Kevin Hart, you either love him or hate him. But one thing is for sure, you must respect him. Not just for his hustle but his humility. What Now is another solid stand up performance by a comedian that seems to have no limit and who’s career just seems to keep taking off, year after year. And that definitely leaves you to ask Kevin Hart: What Now?

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