Movie Review: ‘Kepler’s Dream’

A simple story with an impactful meaning, ‘Kepler’s Dream’ is truly a feel-good movie for the viewers. Revolving around values of love, hope, friendship, affection and honesty, it offers meaning and purpose to an otherwise broken family. It succeeds in delivering a powerful message to the audience that love can solve it all. At times, misunderstandings and hatred can blind the plot with difficulties, only to be cleared by a simple perspective. Director Amy Glazer creates an excellent adaptation of the novel by Juliet Bell, bringing the story to life.

With talented star cast, influential story, powerful dialogues and smooth flow, the story succeeds on several fronts. As it focusses over the strength in love and relations, it can connect with the audience instantly. It describes the tale of a young girl Ella with dreams in her eyes. When unfortunate circumstances pull her away from her mother, she lands into a completely different world. While her mother undergoes chemotherapy, Ella is forced to spend the summer with her grandmother Violet Von Stern. Strained relations between her parents create several difficulties along the way. On the other hand, differences between her father and grandmother make Ella lonely, as she struggles to deal with a strict grandmother.

With a completely distinct lifestyle, as Ella spends time in her grandmother’s house at New Mexico, there are several interesting twists in the tale. The story flows with a simple pace and strives to keep it so all through the plot. Each of the actors have invested sincere efforts in bringing the story to life. Excellent tunes of music by Patrick Neil Doyle add a distinct feel to the movie, granting it an exciting charm. While adjusting to her new life, Ella makes some wonderful friends, only to find herself in an unfortunate incident.

Though she trusts her new friends – ranch hand Miguel and his daughter Rosie, they are falsely accused for theft. When a priced book from her grandmother’s collection is lost, accusations are made against Miguel, leading to several tensions in the plot. Ella’s firm trust and faith prompt her to find the real culprit. As she hopes to clear the misunderstandings and reduce tensions, the plot thickens with interesting bits of entertainment.

Though Ella realizes the difficulties in her path, she trusts the power of honesty and faith. With strong determination, as she struggles to find the way, several unexpected connections are made. Whether it helps to reunite their separated family or whether it pulls them further apart is a question that slowly unfolds till the end.

Watch this movie for its simple story, excellent acting, wonderful take-home message and valuable principles. ‘Kepler’s Dream’ is just like a soft dream with a softer feel.

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