Movie Review: ‘Juveniles’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Lucas (Beau Knapp) lives in a dangerous place where drugs and guns are flowing, cops don’t come around and if you call someone out to end a feud, you have to go to ‘the pit’ to fist fight and stop all aspects of the feud. Lucas’s father did just that with his former friend, Ben (Stephen Moyer), except he died in the fight. Even worse, Lucas was there with his mother Sidney (Kathleen Rose Perkins) and uncle Oliver (Martin Henderson) only to see his father die. Lucas tried his best to stay on the straight and narrow. He hung out with his best friend Trent (Trevor Jackson) and his girlfriend Amber (Jessica Rothe). He had plans to go to college and take his mother and sister Corie (Morgan Lily) with him.

Things become hostile when Lucas confronts Ben’s son Elliot (Nick Eversman) about talking to his little sister. Elliot threatens Lucas’s family and they decide to go to the pit to settle things. The feud should have ended things for good, but it didn’t. Sidney warns Lucas that if he doesn’t keep away from everything that has to do with Ben and his family, then it’ll only get worse. After a series of events, including Lucas finding out why his father fought Ben occurs, Lucas has to decide if he will end the cycle of violence that started with his father and could possibly end with him.

The acting is good and visually, everything flows and looks like it should. The problem lies more with the story. The pacing is fine, but it seemed like it was going to go one way where it would have made complete sense no matter the outcome of the decisions Lucas made. What ended up happening pushed the story down a different path, which still works, but not as strongly as it could have. The ending actually became over the top because of the decisions that were made. It’s not a bad drama to see. You’ll route for Lucas, but it definitely feels like this film could’ve went somewhere else.

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