Movie Review: ‘It Had To Be You’

A modern tale with humorous presentation, ‘It Had to Be You’ is an entertaining comedy movie. Perfect doses of humor, relationship, drama, friendship, reality and ambitions combine into the plot that leaves no scope for complaints. Slated to release on 21st October, 2016, this movie is truly worth watching. If you enjoy comedy with elements of surprise, emotions and love, the story will definitely appeal you in every manner. Directed by Sasha Gordon and written by Levi Abrino and Sasha Gordon, this movie leaves an interesting thought to ponder about. Based on the modern day world filled with ambitions, passion, career and independence, the story explores the traditional system of marriage and parenthood. Revolving around the life of free-spirited young woman Sonia (Christin Milioti), the movie addresses her outlook towards marriage, commitment and responsibilities.

While working as a jiggle writer and musician in a small music company, Sonia often dreams about an exciting and big life. Along with her three best friends who always support each other all through their life, the story depicts their stand on relations and future. Though Sonia believes in her immature, carefree life and enjoys the freedom of being a single woman, she accidently finds love in her caring boyfriend Chris (Dan Soder). While Chris is eager to take the relationship ahead with a surprise marriage proposal, Sonia runs away from this development in her life. Though their love and romance mean the world to her, she is afraid of serious commitment for the future.

The movie has touched a very important factor that is totally true in the modern world. As Sonia places her career and freedom before the traditional responsibility of marriage, it opens our eyes to the principles of today. Realistic acting, talented cast, smooth story, yet powerful thought are the highlights of this movie that can keep the audience engaged right through the end. Strong ties of friendship between Sonia and her girl pals and honest feelings of love between Sonia and Chris make the story totally amazing in every way.

Inspired by the book ‘Eat, Love and Pray’, as Sonia refuses to accept her boyfriend’s stable proposal and ventures into a solo independent trip to a foreign land, the story takes an interesting twist. Wide array of interesting experiences and adventures mark her trip as she realizes a lot along the way. The story comes across a real-life experience without any unbelievable elements of surprise. By portraying a simple girl-next door, the movie can easily connect with the audience. It lacks any unnecessary glamorous quotient that may spoil the simple flow of the tale.

As Sonia and Chris experience ups and downs along their relation, it depicts the usual confusion that almost every individual encounters. Over the course of this movie, as they realize their true calling, the story seems totally perfect in every way.

Watch this movie for its humorous look at life. Enjoy a realistic tale with a modern outlook.

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