Movie Review: ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’ Is Informative And Educational

IMAX nature documentaries follow a pretty standard format. They introduce the subject matter and then proceed to showcase beautiful images of said subject over the narration of someone famous. These short vivid films get the job done.

‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’ is a pretty boilerplate entry into the IMAX family, but if it isn’t broken why fix it? Narrated by Morgan Freeman (is there anything he doesn’t narrate anymore?) the film examines a variety of lemur species living in a wildlife preserve in Madagascar. Through candid action shots and some funny scenes where filmmakers put music to what looks like lemur dancing viewers are invited for a sneak peek at the life of lemurs.

Rather than just educate viewers about Lemurs themselves (though there is a lot of such material thrown in), the film relays the struggle for survival of an almost endangered Lemur species as a group of primatologists attempts to save them. Tied with this there is a subtle anti-deforestation message in the film, which while not preachy adds an intriguing level of political depth to the movie.

The film is shot in a beautiful 3D and even when converted down into 2D format everything still looks crisp and breathtaking. It is informative and educational. With its fairly short run time ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’ is definitely a film for the very young and old alike.

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