Movie Review: ‘In A Relationship’

A take on modern relationships, friendship, love and commitment, ‘In a relationship’ portrays the reality of what love means today. It touches a common topic but projects it through a novel lens. It deserves the credit of being completely realistic. There is no over the top drama or unbelievable aspects in this simple story that does the perfect job of depicting things the way they are. The tale revolves around two couples while they deal with their share of commitment issues and love.

Owen and Hallie appear happy in their own safe relationship only to encounter the bigger realities of moving in together. While everything was nice as long as they dated, things went south when the question of future came in their way. The movie shows their troubles while they strive to figure the road laced with insecurities, jealousy, doubts and fear of commitment. Every character has done an excellent job of being true to their role making it a simple tale. Good casting, powerful tale, simple outlook and a feel-good theme makes it engaging and interesting.

With Owen and Hallie’s confused relationship we are introduced to their friends Matt and Willa. While Matt is looking for a serious bond, Willa’s opposite views may not match. Their presence in the story influences Owen and Hallie while they figure things out. The movie takes us through the summer months where diverse ups and downs meet on the screen. With its simple story and good acting, the movie manages to connect to the audience all along. It is fun to be a part of their confusion. The makers of this movie have paid special detailed attention to project new concepts that can connect to young viewers. From casual friendship to serious relationship, confused feelings of sexuality to burden of entering into a commitment, every aspect seems totally true in our world today. This relatable connection makes it easy to keep one engaged from start to end. It is interesting to know how the bond fares at the end. Do they leave their troubles aside and agree to stay committed or find it easier to abandon and go their own way is something to look forward to.

The movie comes across as validation to the chaos of young men and women today who feel overwhelmed by the tag of a serious relationship. It highlights the reality that things may not always appear bright and clear. An excellent story of here and now, ‘In a relationship’ will prompt everyone to look deeper into the true essence of bonding and love.

In Theaters and On Demand November 9th.

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