Movie Review: ‘I Kill Giants’ Available On DVD And Blu-ray Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An adaption of graphic novel (Author Joe Kelly) by the same name, movie ‘I Kill Giants’ is entertaining, interesting, mysterious and unique at the same time. Directorial debut of Anders Walter, the movie manages to engage viewers’ attention till the last bit. Revolving around a young school girl Barbara (Madison Wolfe) who is shy, troubled and introvert in her own world, the story explores her alienation to the reality of life. As she absorbs into a fictional life full of giants, evils, demons and many such unreal characters, she creates a safety net around herself.

Using her unrealistic imagination to face real life troubles, Barbara finds peace and stability. She believes her mission to kill giants and prevent their invasion into her life will make everything normal. With good direction and thoughtful flow of events, the movie manages to stay with the audience. As viewers move from one scene to another, it creates engaging relationship to stay glued. Though the ideas are imaginary, it depicts the challenges faced by young minds who have nowhere to go. While struggling with bullies and an unstable family, Barbara finds it difficult to adapt to normal setting. Her desire to believe in giants drives her further away from new friends and people around. She chooses to maintain minimalistic interaction with others in an attempt to materialize her ‘make-believe’ world.

The movie scores in its excellent casting. Every single character comes to life as the story unfolds. Moving forward, Barbara’s friendship with a new girl from England Sophia and her interaction with the school counselor Mrs. Molle add multiple shades to the story. While both the characters make an attempt to invade into her mind and find the truth behind her actions, the plot moves forward with strength. Though the story is filled with unrealistic actions, it depicts the power of mind. Often, when we give up due to our numerous challenges, fears and troubles, the movie prompts us towards the idea of having faith in ourselves.

Besides the characters of Sophia and Mrs. Molle, the story involves Barbara’s strong elder sister Karen. While pressurized with additional responsibilities of her two younger siblings, her way of dealing with finances, house chores, and job teach a lot. Whether it is good to believe in such imaginary aspects to strengthen real life or whether it is incorrect to hide from truths and escape are some of the difficult questions asked along the movie. It balances fiction with reality and transforms into a powerful outcome. With strong female characters of Barbara, Sophia, Mrs. Molle and Karen, the movie makes an impactful statement.

The movie involves wonderful scenery and picturesque landscape of a humble town in the Northeast. From Barbara’s imaginary actions on the beach to her growing friendship with Sophia, from Mrs. Molle’s interaction with Barbara’s insecurities to Barbara’s confidence in her imagination, everything is worth exploring. The movie flows at an excellent pace to take the audience along. An interesting surprise awaits at the end.

Watch the movie for its novel look, talented star cast, distinct characters and a strong take-away message that will stay in your thoughts even after the credits roll.

In Theaters and On Demand / Digital HD March 23.

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