Movie Review: ‘I Hate Kids’ Will Have You Laughing Throughout The Whole Movie

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing during the entire movie because this entertainer is extremely funny from the start to end. It delivers great doses of comedy with funny situations, excellent star cast, awkward encounters and novel plot that just keeps getting funnier and funnier. The movie ‘I Hate Kids’ revolves around an author Nick Pearson who is about to get married. Everything is perfect until the rehearsal day when an unexpected surprise awaits him. When the author of famous book ‘I Hate Kids’ who has decided not to have kids of his own meets 13- year old Mason claiming to be his son, the story turns hilarious from there on. Mason is convinced that Nick is his father because a psychic radio show host ‘The Amazing Fabular’ conveys him so.

While Nick doesn’t agree to this claim, he has little choice but to clear the doubts before the wedding. With this the three characters set on a road trip around LA trying to find Mason’s mother. Perfect comic timing and exceptionally entertaining dialogues are the reasons for the loud laughter. With every scene, these three actors bring out amazing performance, making it truly entertaining. An awkward nerdy boy, an irritated author and a funny psychic color the story with humor, while they strive to find the impossible. Amidst this chaos, Nick’s fiancé is confused by Nick’s weird behavior just before the wedding.

The plot of finding an unknown mother seems usual but the characters bring out the best with their dialogues and acting. Every actor has done an incredible job of taking us through the story, keeping the audience engaged and entertained till the end. As they move from one probable mother to the other, every funny interview adds its unique quota of fun. From a martial arts teacher to a weird obsessive character, they meet multiple women along the way. Meanwhile Nick’s fiancé and her pregnant elder sister do their bit of encoding the mystery behind Nick’s behavior. Whether Nick and his team succeed in finding the secret mother or roam around aimlessly just days before Nick’s wedding and whether Nick’s fiancé understands it all or quits it at the end is an interesting development to look forward to in the movie.

It is different, funny and perfect for some mindless comedy to cheer one’s mood. ‘I hate kids’ is a fun entertainer that has simple approach and feel-good quotient. Lovers of comedy genre will love the sequences and situations filled with humor. Watch exceptional performances by the actors who have delivered their best along the plot. Unexpected encounters and unbelievable adventures make it an exciting story worth every minute of your time.


Opening In The Following Cities and Theaters:

New York – Village East

Los Angeles – Arena Cinelounge

San Francisco – 4 Star Twin

Cleveland – Atlas Diamond Center 16

Denver – Harkins Northfield 18

Kansas City – KC Northland 14

Minneapolis – Arena Cinelounge

Phoenix – Harkins Arizona Mills 24

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