Movie Review: ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

Review by Monique Thompson

Now that Dracula (Adam Sandler) has opened the Hotel Transylvania’s doors to humans, things are changing for the better; however, Drac is secretly worried that his half-human grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing his vampire side. So, while Mavis and Johnny are away, Drac enlists his friends to help him put the boy through a “monster-in-training” boot camp. But things really get batty when Drac’s cantankerous, old-school dad pays an unexpected visit.

The gang is all back in the sequel to the 2012 animated film. In this second installment, Hotel Transylvania has now opened its’ door to humans and they’ve all become one big happy family. Everyone returns, with the exception of Cee-Lo Green as the mummy – now being voiced by Keegan Michael Key (Key & Peele). The monsters and humans all gather at the hotel to give their well wishes to Johnny and Mavis as they get married. Shortly following the nuptials, the script is sped up and Mavis ends up pregnant. Drac is certain she’s going to have a baby Dracula, only to realize that his grandson is lacking the usual skills of the typical vampire. As a result, Drac comes up with the idea of taking his grandson Dennis to the same vampire school that he attended in his younger years. But of course, thing aren’t going to be as easy as he hoped.

While Hotel Transylvania 2 is a pretty good sequel, it doesn’t quite top the first. There’s still tons of funny moments, even some that the youngsters won’t understand, but the parents and older adolescents will certainly get. There’s even a few typical dorky Adam Sandler moments like when his character Drac gets frustrated while trying to operate his new touch screen cell phone with vampire-length nails. Released just in time for the Halloween season, nonetheless Hotel T2 is still a sweet treat families will enjoy.

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