Movie Review: ‘The Horde’

Review by Lauryn Angel

There is nothing particularly original about The Horde. Former Navy Seal John Crenshaw (Paul Logan, who also wrote the screenplay) accompanies his girlfriend and her students on an extra-credit camping trip. The students are supposed to be taking pictures for their photography class, and quickly separate. The students are little more than cliché stereotypes, so there’s really no investment in their well-being. When they quickly get picked off, it’s almost a relief. When Crenshaw’s girlfriend Selina (Tiffany Brouwer) and one of the female students are taken hostage, the movie shifts gears as Crenshaw attempts a rescue.

The middle portion of the movie is particularly disturbing and gory. The Horde of the title are the mutated descendants of a town that was expose to radiation – they are not pretty to look at and they don’t seem to be very smart, either, as they allow themselves to be practically enslaved by three escaped convicts, led by Cylus (Costas Mandylor). There’s quite a bit of dismemberment, cannibalism, and implied rape, and it’s thoroughly unpleasant to watch.

The movie is almost redeemed by Crenshaw’s heroics when he attempts to save Selina. Paul Logan makes a great hero, and viewers looking for martial arts action will probably quite enjoy the film. However, if you’re looking for a compelling story, believable characters, or snappy dialogue, this is not the film to watch.

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