Movie Review: ‘Holly Star’

Holidays are about feeling good and spending time with loved ones. And what better way to enjoy this than watching some holiday special movies. One such feel good story that has all the necessary elements of fun is ‘Holly Star’. Bringing the tale of a young woman Sloan who comes home to her childhood memories in Maine, Holly Star is a perfect family entertainer. A romantic comedy movie with friendship, love, happiness and joy, it succeeds in bringing happy feelings.

After losing her gig as a puppeteer in the city, Sloan is sad to welcome her holidays in such a grumpy mood. But all of this changes slowly when she visits her childhood home. Though unhappy to miss her parents, she seeks happiness in her memories and meets up with her paintball obsessed friend who manages to bring instant cheer. Meeting her friend and grandmother makes her feel at home while she struggles to find a temporary job. Chasing a little dream that revolves around her childhood, a Santa Claus, and a distant memory of some incident with her grandfather, Sloan remembers presence of a hidden treasure. Determined to find this treasure filled with money, she starts her hunt linking one clue after the other. With help from her friend and grandmother, she strives to connect the dots and reach some good conclusion that can ultimately give her the money.

The movie flows in a simple manner without any over-the-top drama. There is simplicity, love, friendship and joy in little things. It is fun to follow her crazy dream as the two friends engage in some silly actions along the way. Linking this adventure, when she accidently meets her childhood crush, the fun increases to a great extent. All along the tale she is determined to find the treasure, convinced of its reality. But slowly as she understands the hidden message behind all of this adventure, the plot feels exciting. At times the movie slips from its purpose, making it difficult to relate and stay connected. But it also manages to come back on track instantly.

Excellent star cast, good acting, simple tale and fun-filled humor shine as the highlights of this movie. It is exciting to follow the progress right till the end. Does she succeed in finding the treasure or gives up as a silly exercise is a fun thing to watch? Her memories and dreams portray the value of loving our past and understanding its lessons for the present. Though the treasure hunt seems childish, she learns a lot along the journey. Her interaction with her best friend, childhood crush and grandmother depict the trust and love binding all her relationships.

Watch a feel-good entertainer to welcome the holidays. Snowy Christmas trees, icy roads, warm relations and colorful memories will fill the audience with eagerness to celebrate this much awaited holiday season.

HOLLY STAR, an upcoming holiday movie from The Orchard arriving to digital and video on demand on December 4th!

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