Movie Review: ‘The Hero Of Color City’ Is Cute

Review By Monique Thompson


Mention an animated movie where crayons come to life and you’d probably think that’s the cheesiest thing ever. It’s like a Toy Story but with crayons. While the concept itself is definitely cheesy, but The Hero Of Color City isn’t all that bad. Considering the names of the voice-overs in the opening credits (Christina Ricci, Rosie Perez, Wayne Brady, Craig Ferguson, Owen Wilson) there’s a little glimmer of hope.

At night when little Ben falls asleep, his crayons come to life and they go to Color City via a magic portal (the crayon box). One night, the yellow crayon is left behind after all of her other color friends have already headed to Color City. She finds some unfinished drawings in Ben’s room and have them accompany her to Color City so they can get completed before they are trashed.

It should be quite obvious that The Hero Of Color City has a target audience of preschool aged children but there’s definitely some puns in the film that are geared towards the adults. While still cute, there’s nothing spectacular and anyone over the age of 5 may struggle just to stay awake.

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